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I am MUSLIMAH... pt.II

This is the second part of the I am Muslimah series. click here to read the first part. 

HIJAB Hijab, a headscarf or veil, has become the identifier of Muslim women. However, its actual definition is very broad, which is why there are opposing views on what Hijab actually is and its physical manifestation. The consensus is that a Hijab (veil) is part of an Islamic woman's dress code- covering all, but the face, hands, and feet, in loose garments. Nevertheless, neither in the Qur'an nor Hadith is there a full description of what it looks like or who should wear it and how.
The Hijab in all cases has been mentioned as an anecdote to issues faced by women( and men) at a particular period. What usually isn't mention is that Hijab isn't just for women but also for men.
But here is my very singular experience with it. I understand Hijab to be as much a state of mind as it is a physical veil, which means covering myself the way mentioned above but at the same time practicing …

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