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The Ugly Twenties

For months prior to my 22nd birthday, all I looked forward to was waking up in the morning and playing Taylor Swift’s ‘22’. I know, so lame… and unexciting. But to me that was heaven… and I didn’t want or need anything more. I was at my zenith. I was physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. I was surrounded by great friends whom I love and love me too. I was in my 3rd year, studying a course I absolutely love, on a campus that wasn’t the best (students always complain) but somehow was the best place for me at that moment in time. And most importantly I was no longer homesick. I no longer felt like being so far away from home meant I was out of the loop or that I was no longer an immediate member of the family. I guess the only thing missing was that whirlwind romance that blows you senseless - but that’s up for debate ;). My 22nd birthday seems like a lifetime ago. Today, I am 23 years old and unfortunately, I have to say I am going through a quarter-life-crisis. I can’t exactl…

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