Wednesday, 29 June 2016


If by some miracle you’ve been under a rock or in the Bermuda triangle, I welcome you back to civilization. And with that an update: Britain is no more a member of the EU. Yup… you heard me right. Britain is now standing against globalization and immigration after centuries of conquering civilizations and countries. Apparently, Polish and tanned people have taken their jobs, so now they are booting them out. Donald Trump is in utopia.

Most people know politics isn’t my “tête-à-tête”, well how could it be when it’s just another well-dressed monkey talking about fixing the problems created by another well-dressed monkey. Politicians, please take offense. Anywho, back to the divorce. As I said politics isn’t my favorite topic but the global impact of such a decision has made it impossible for me to not blabber about it. If you are as politically impaired as I am on a normal basis, the only thing that BREXIT will mean to you is that you now have to get a separate visa for Britain when you finally take that cross-euro trip on your bucket list. Well, that’s true, but there is so much more to that. This means a complete shift in the political, economic and social sectors of Britain, Europe and finally the world.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the separation which is said to be “the greatest to befall the block in 59 years”, however, what is certain is the reshaping of the Britain-European dynamics starting with the resignation of the PM David Cameron. With this being the first time a country has left the Union and so little information on the rules of exit, no wonder there is so much chaos and doodoo hitting the fan. In the hopes of minimizing the effects of Britain’s action the remaining EU nations are both enraged and eager to activate Article 50 exit talks. "Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty. We have rules to deal with this in an orderly way. Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union sets out the procedure to be followed if a Member State decides to leave the European Union," the official statement said. Despite their eagerness sadly UK is going nowhere for at least 2 years, while the negotiations are being done. 

Now that all that is said and done, what does that mean for the common man? Most evident right now is the fall of the pound. The stock market has fallen and crashed and for everyone outside the UK, that’s wonderful. International students can afford more and tourists can visit at lesser rates (that is if you can get a visa in the first place). Britain is anti-immigration, remember. Talking about immigration brings about borders since the UK now only has to focus on its own interests, this means newer and more self-interest laws regulating export and import, immigration, foreign exchange etc. another thing to think about is the free trade in EU. Britain now has to entirely reshape its market to be self-sufficient with new agreements with EU as a whole, its member states individually and then the rest of the world. Lord have mercy on the person doing all that paperwork. All this eventually leads to the repositioning of the EU and the UK in the world. When it comes to the UN, UK is still going to have its veto power and EU is going to have one nation less to support its collective interest. So embrace yourself EU and say farewell of that coveted VETO.

When it comes to military strength, UK had the strongest defense power. At the end of the day, this leaves EU a tad bit more vulnerable. The last possible domino to fall in the long list is the rise of Germany. What does that mean, you ask? It means that since the second largest member of the EU has existed, a replacement is in order and the most likely candidate is Germany. Which will become even bolder in its stand within EU which is probably the opposite of everything the UK stood for.

I know I’ve said a lot about BREXIT already but bear with me a little longer. The real reason I got interested in BREXIT wasn’t the political or economic but rather the social. After reading about 100 tweets on BREXIT what came to my notice was that the referendum did not empower Brits to fight for a better future but rather it gave them validation to discriminate and mainstream Racism. The world’s greatest conquering nation established itself by acquiring nations and with it: its people, culture, and heritage. The colonial rule created a situation in which millions of nonindigenous people adopted Britain as their country and something like the dissolution between EU and UK isn’t a strong enough a reason for indigenous brits to feel entitled to harassing and victimizing others. The blunt and mainstreaming of racism sadden me especially from a nation that we the rest of the world see as an elder brother especially when it comes to chivalry and gallantry. A day’s decision that led to BREXIT has brought about a lot of ugliness in the UK and it makes me wonder is there anything in this world that will occur without us segregating and sneering one another. How much longer can a globalized world exist when we are in no way becoming inclusive and secular?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Superhero deserves more than ‘a’ Day

Well, it is Father’s Day… again. And everyone young and old is celebrating the men that grew them into the people they are today. For indeed a man is beyond important in a child’s life.

For a son, a father is a role model, a teacher and the image of who is to be in the near future. Through a father’s strength a son trains for his duties and his capabilities as a man. Through a man’s consistency a son learns to be there day in and day out; come hell or high waters for those that need his presence. Through a father’s hard work and persistence a son learns that there is nothing that says love more than doing your best for those you love most. Through a father’s demeanour a son carries himself and interacts with the world. For everything a father does doesn’t just end with him. It is cultivated and harvested by the son. Every son either 100% follows his father’s or does an 180 and tries to be someone entirely opposite. Either way, fathers influence their sons and shape their future, intentionally or not.

And for a daughter, a father is love, courage and honour. A father is what a daughter draws to as a child and an adult. He is the man that she compares every other male to. A father teaches and shows a daughter the kind of love she deserves and is entitled to. A father’s strength and courage transfers into his daughter’s heart and in that she can face the world. She can demand what she wants. She can fight for what she believes. She can, not-be a victim or a submissive; she can stand on her feet and stare dead into the eyes of everything and anyone. A father’s integrity and honour is the blanket that cover’s his daughter. It is home and safety as it is equally her moral armour. Protecting her from the world.

Being a father is the same as being a superhero. You protect selflessly and always aim to make the world the best it can be for your nearest and dearest. Taking up whatever roles you are required to and often sacrificing yourself for them. How hard it must be to be a father. No wonder some try and some don’t. Some fail despite trying and others, the strongest ones, achieve greatness. Yes, they are superheroes, but we should also remember they are human beings. With human struggles. Often no matter how the world sees it, the best a father can do is not be there and allow someone better to do what he can’t. It is not ideal but such is life. And no matter who you get as a father, just one day is not enough to celebrate him. One day is not enough for a superhero, even if he is not there at all times.

To me, father’s day is not for fathers. It is for us, their kin, to remember their virtues and reflect upon them. To be those worthy of such super humans. For nothing will be more of an insult and a cause for pain to a father than to see us all go through life not learning from their existence.

Well, am out. Till the next blabber, Good night. :*

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Yes… not even a drop of water

Allahu Akbar (Allah is great). Ramadan has arrived once again. For those of you who just read my blog and haven’t met me yet, I know what you are thinking: “She is Muslim? Weird. She didn’t sound like it so far”. Believe me, you aren’t the first to say or think that. It’s not like I am not religious or hiding my faith, on the contrary, many wonder why I stand by my beliefs as strongly as I do. It took me this while to include my faith into the blog because I wanted to establish me, and to make people see that my faith- important as it is to me- is not the only aspect of my personality that defines me. I want you to identify with the multitude of characteristics that make me who I am. This means my religion too.
Now that I am done talking to you about me. Let’s talk about Ramadan. There are many things that make Islam stand out from the hundreds of religions known to man, some of which are Hajj (annual pilgrimage to Mecca), Salat (five daily mandatory prayers) and Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month of our holy fasts. Muslims all around the world fast from the first light of the day till sunset for 29-30 days, depending on the lunar movement. Ramadan is an important month for Muslims, one of which is because it this the month in which our beloved prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) received the word of Allah i.e. the Holy Qur’an.
Fasting itself is not a new concept, many religions fast but what makes the Islamic fasting (Saum) different is the complete restriction on solids and liquids. No ingestion of any sort. “Not even a drop of water?” you ask. “Yes… not even a drop of water”. Sounds impossible, hard and even to some barbaric. I know. I’ve heard it all. But the truth is, the restrictions don’t stop there. In totality during Saum, especially in Ramadan, one is to entirely and obediently give up anything that he indulges in all through the year, for the sake of his creator and lord Allah. Calm down guys it’s not all bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all- it couldn’t be bad if about 2 Billion people in the world are fasting at this particular moment, could it?
When you look past the restriction on food, drinks, sex etc. you see Ramadan as a month of togetherness. Muslims all around the world spend their days together in solidarity focusing only on the things that matter most- Allah (religion), humanity and family. The 30 days in Ramadan acts a building block for the rest of the 11 months that will follow, pushing Muslims to bring out the best of themselves. Allowing us to have 30 days to grow ourselves spiritually and also as human beings. It is a time of reflection and appreciation, understanding and uplifting one another. Families spend hours together either in Ibadat (worship), participating in charity work or at the very least in preparation for Iftar (the food consumed at sundown). It is the only time where every Muslim in the world goes through the same feelings and struggles as the next. The hunger and thirst just as in Salat makes us all equal not only in front of our maker but also visible to one another. We all take responsibility for each other’s wellbeing and for a short time distance ourselves from materialistic and worldly desires.
Islam is a complex religion which generates a variety of responses- especially in this decade- yet islamophobia cannot stop one from seeing the beauty, enrichment and catering that this pillar of Islam does to the human population and individuals. For Ramadan is a month of worship, a month of devotion, a month of generosity, a month of forgiveness, a month of love and a month of compassion. Ramadan: the month for mankind.