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A year to quarter century

Hey, blabbers.
Sorry for the month of silence. I have been in Nigeria, and catching up with people and family that I’ve not seen in over 4 years is time-consuming; but oh! So amazing. A lot has changed but nothing is different, and over the coming weeks I will be posting about being ‘back in Nigeria’ after almost half a decade- the good, the bad, and the I can’t even understand. Basically, my observation and take on what’s going in the motherland. So, stay tuned for more blabbers.

Four years ago, I stumbled upon a journey that I hoped would lead me to where I thought I belonged, a mirage of what my life was supposed to be. But, as always life had its own plans and its own rhythm; and I wasn’t accustomed to it nor was I educated about it. So, life did what it is known to do by paying no mind to what I was daydreaming about, therefore, leading to the events that inspired me to write about the ‘ugly twenties’- a post about quarter-life-crisis, post-college life and learning how to play …

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